It’s simple. We help you pick what you need to turn your special occasion into the perfect festival style party. And then our Festival in a Box team does the rest.

Our aim is to bring the whole event direct to your door and we promise it will be a headache-free experience. We want you to relax and enjoy the fun alongside your guests, whether they’re friends and family or clients and colleagues.

First off, we’ll need to spend some time with you and hear about your ideas. Let your imagination run riot or let us inspire you – or both! Take a look at our case studies for some idea of the range of possibilities. We’ll need to visit your venue, or if you haven’t got a suitable place we can help you find one.

After we have met you, we’ll start work on realizing your vision. We will put together detailed designs, plans and an event schedule so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and when to expect it.

We’ll work with you to cover every aspect of your event, whether it’s one special evening or a whole weekend extravaganza. And when the big day comes, we’ll be there to see it all goes to plan so you can enjoy yourself.

trumpet_man2Almost anything is possible!

Headache-free experience