On of our strengths is staging and AV. We’re partners with Judgeday who’ve produced WOMAD worldwide technical production for the past 10 years. We’ve also provided AV support for a variety of events, from talks and awards to presentations and conferences.

Having the correct stage, PA and technical is paramount for mind blowing audio experiences from intimate events to full blown large-scale festivals. We’re adept at managing the requirements of both the artist and audience to get the best result.

We’re proud to say that we have extensive contacts in the music industry so securing those dream acts is easier. An important part of this process is being well versed in dealing with the arcane details of contractual negations with promoters.

Where we shine:

⊗  We can offer consultation in all areas, from booking to delivery
⊗  We’re very experienced in artist liaison, drawing on decades of tour management and international award shows experience
⊗  We can dissect artist and technical riders (a wish list for the venue and/or soundman), weeding out excessive requests
⊗  We offer staging and PA advice – understanding your requirements and delivering the correct stage, PA and lighting

Rest assured, we’ve got it covered.