Summer’s here!

Natasha Whiting,

June, we’ve missed you

Flying up and down the length of England in blizzards and gale force winds, marking out tents and arena sizes yelling the measurements to each other trying to be heard in horizontal rain and being so cold and wet that we couldn’t even feel our faces has finally given way to some kinder weather. June. At last. The official start to the Great British Summer.

We, in the Festival in a Box office, are emerging, mole-like blinking in the sun light shedding our thermal undies, rolling up our sleeves and cracking on with putting on this year’s bunch of fabulously eclectic events. Summer is here! Each of our events are tailor-made to suit which means an awful lot of research and thought goes into each one and we’ve had our noses to the ground sniffing out the very best elements to make each event we do unique.

Here are some of the wonderful things we’ve done, are doing, would love to do.


Not the sugary sweet, vintage school fate stuff. No, no, no. We’re getting a bit sick of lilac cupcakes and mismatched vintage crockery. We like big, bold and glorious bunting in hot colours that evoke memories of wanting to run away with the circus.

Hay bale seating

Sweet smelling hay bales covered in hessian and scattered with dried lavender.  Set around fire bowls with soft blankets to take the edge of the dawn chill.


Mojitos to start the evening and Bloody Mary’s for the morning after. Nothing more to say.

Roaming entertainment

Another cheesy table-to-table magic act?  We’d rather not, thanks. What about a visit from this ethereal puppet hare to keep your guests happy while they wait for food, or a couple of oversized pigeons pecking their way through to the bar?  We have access to the very best theatrical entertainment there is.

Quirky festival food

We’re not talking about the kind of festival food stall that hides mediocre taste and quality behind excessive styling and showmanship – think French baguette stand with clichéd bereted waiter selling over priced soggy sub-standard sandwiches.  We mean fantastic, passionate and creative food providers who are unique not least with the quality of the food they produce but also with the way it is presented.

We love The Smoking Beetle – a VW camper van converted to a wood fired pizza oven towing a beetle converted to a barbecue and grill. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Good new music

We have strong links with the top agents and a fairly major part of what we do is sourcing the perfect music for your event.  Part of the process of finding a musical match means we get to hear some of the best emerging talent on offer. We love The Intermission Project – a talented threesome who sound wonderful in the open air.  Throw open your windows, let the summer breeze in and have a quick listen here: