Wild weddings

Are you more ‘festival’ than ‘traditional’? Or perhaps you’re a bit of both. If so, we can create weddings that tick every box, with ideas that will run off the page. We guide brides and grooms through the dizzying number of options available, giving advice and suggestions that will unlock that special something to make their wedding completely personal and unforgettable.

Services we can provide:

⊗  Help managing budgets to make sure that costs don’t run riot without compromising on the end result
⊗  Recommending trusted suppliers to ensure you get the best deals available
⊗  Event management to oversee, everything from managing suppliers to ensuring the day runs smoothly
⊗  Crisis management.  We won’t tell you about the bride with the portaloo catastrophe on the morning of her wedding…
⊗  Health & safety. Not the most interesting part of wedding planning but essential none-the-less

We really care about making your day a seamless, stress free experience and most importantly all about the two of you as a couple.  Attention to detail is our forte.