Two important parts of any event – food and drink.

We know good food and pride ourselves on sourcing some of the best, freshest and most inventive and (of course) delicious catering offerings.  We all have our favourites so why not offer an exciting mix of cuisines from around the global to satisfy a variety of tastes? Street food has opened up a plethora of options; from Asian inspired bao buns to wood fired pizzas.

We can create everything from a relaxed food experience to fine dining. Some events are more suited to street stalls, others to gourmet food or you may prefer a sit down banquet with family style sharing. Another option is to combine two styles – formal and relaxed.  This is increasingly popular with a ‘help yourself’ starter followed by plated mains or vice versa. If you fancy something a little bit different then why not create a sensory feast with vibrant colours, beautiful garnishing and themed food and music?

The bar is this way →. Cocktails, craft beers, ciders, world class wines, spirits, smoothies, juices, shakes, mineral waters – the list is endless! From tipsy evenings to detox mornings, the right variety of options and suppliers will get your guests in the mood for fun rather than keeping them in the bar queue.

Are you sitting comfortably?  We can provide haybales, leather sofas and decking areas for a more informal feel; to ornate chairs, long or round tables with centrepieces, chandeliers and draping for a more upmarket feel. Similarly, you may want to choose vintage crockery, candelabras or tableware with a particular texture or pattern.

Whatever your wish list, we can add the right ingredients into your party mix.

sparking wine event